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For large order discounts, refer to the price list to the right.

We can send a physical sample in advance of your order for approval.
email: customflag@deskflags.com for a Free sample. Include your design and contact info with mailing address.

Standard desk flag
Traditional Size)
Pole 10 inch- Flag 6" x 4"

Compare sizes

- flags are Made in the USA.
- poles are black plastic with gold spear tops
- flags are Cotton/Poly/Synthetic blend
- flag design is full color on both sides
- words are always reversed on back side
- All flags are custom made to order
- Flags are packaged separate from poles
- Simply slide flags onto poles
- no refunds accepted after flags are made
- Ask for free sample on large orders.


Flag design is full color on both sides and words are always reversed on back opposite side. Like a mirror.

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Phone: 615-750-5972
eMail: customflag@deskflags.com
Web: www.deskflags.com
Contact: Adam
Operation hours: Sales and support is available from 9am to 5:00pm. central

Phone Orders: 9am-5pm
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Show your pride with a desk flag!

Deskflags.com is the leading producer of custom designed flags. We carry standard designs as well.
10 flag minimum: Order as many as you need for your next promotion or fundraiser. From 10 to 10,000. Most orders are completed in 3 to 5 days.
Large orders will take a little more time. Order below, and upload your flag image below. If you're having trouble, please call or email us. Send your artwork, photo, or flag description to this email address: customflag@deskflags.com

If you would like a discount for larger orders refer to the price list below.

Bulk Flags All flags are full color both sides. Back side will be in reverse. (Mirror Image).
10-20 flags 21 - 100 101 - 500 501+
Each: $5.99 Each: $4.99 Each: $4.49 Each: $3.99

*All Flags include a 10 inch black spear top pole and free USA ground shipping!
Stands are not included. Order below.

Search for a flag design here:
Made in the USA
desk flag

Flag design
Premium Desk Flag 6 x 4 in. Flag with 10in. pole
Desk Flag 6 x 4 in. w/ 10in. pole
Flag Name

Get the 360 Flag Clip if you need
Flag Up/ Flag down mobility.
Stand / Clips to hold your flag!

  1. Upload your artwork to the web. try using Drop Box or Google.
  2. Copy the shared link of your image.
  3. Past the shared link into the flag name field above.
  4. Place your order!




If the design you're searching for is not shown, you can submit your own artwork above or send us an email attachment.
Design needs to fit in a box that measures 577 x 392 pixels. We will auto edit your image to fit if needed and assign your flag a number in our database. This number can be used to make repeat orders in the future if needed.

* if you're having trouble please send us an email of your order.
Attach your image to the email. We will then send you back a quote with a payment link for taking your credit card.

Email orders to : customflag@deskflags.com if you are having trouble.


Flag base images:


Need something different?

Send us an email with your request :)





Do you need your flag to be rigid?

Order the lamination service to the right.


Sticking your flags into styrofoam or a planter?

Order the pole sharpening service to the right.

Need flags individually packaged into
seperate plastic bags?

Order the Poly Bag service to the right.



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